08 August 2009

"I'm the winner" says Miss Colombia Michelle Rouillard?

Rumour has it that Miss Colombia Michelle Rouillard is very confident. She apparently made a statement that raised the eyebrows of the other contestants. She said that she is the next Miss Universe winner and the other girls should be happy to contest for the First Runner-up.

Miss Colombia Michelle Rouillard (center) poses with Miss Spain Estíbaliz Pereira (left) and Miss Domincan Republic Ada de la Cruz (right) with their swimsuit infront of the Atlantis Hotel in Bahamas.

That was indeed a very strong statement from this half-Colombian and half-French beauty queen. One thing is for sure, she has no problem with her self-esteem. That's good if she works it for her advantage.

Another rumour about her is that other Latin delegates are questioning her real age. Some of the delegates from Latin America believe she's over 30 years old. Allegedly, one contestant even tried to ask for her passport so that she can verify her year of birth. The incident insulted Michelle.
Take these rumours with a grain of salt. A lot of gossips are being fabricated by fanatic and this one might be just a work of a wild imagination.