08 August 2009

Miss Thailand Chutima Durongdej Faints

Miss Thailand Chutima Durongdej fainted last Thursday, August 6, while she and other fellow candidates for the Miss universe pageant were visiting the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas.

I don't know if you've already heard this but this is a report coming from a Senior Manager of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Michelle Malcolm, who is having regular updates about the pageant at Critical Beauty.

Apparently, the reason why Miss Thailand fainted was because of the heat in Bahamas. Most of the candidates especially from the Nordic countries are still trying to adjust from the heat.

Chutima was not able to join the rest of the candidates at the veranda of the National Art Gallery for refreshment because she was tended to. But the Thai beauty was able to join them for lunch at the next stop - the historic Graycliff restaurant.

I am impressed with Chutima's attitude in the pageant. No one can deny her effort to make herself visible in every photo shoots. She makes sure she's in every photos with a drama. That's her style and it's working. She's very vibrant and playful.

Because Chutima doesn't have the prettiest face in this batch, she's trying to compensate this with her outstanding personality. It won't be a surprise if she makes it to the Top 15.

Asians, this year, are very competitive.


Miss Thailand Chutima Durongdej in her official swimsuit photo.