08 August 2009

Miss Jamaica Caroline Yapp, a BITCH?

Is Miss Jamaica Caroline Yapp the BITCH in this year's Miss Universe?

Every year in Miss Universe, there is always a news of candidates who are bitching with other delegates. Last year, one of them was Miss Colombia Taliana Vargas who went on to become First Runner-up.

From Michele Malcolm's updates of the pageant at Critical Beauty, she reported that she witnessed Caroline telling the other contestants with this line, "I am from Jamaica you know!"

Miss Jamaica was probably insinuating that her country is a diva in Miss Universe. We have to remember that Jamaica almost didn't send a delegate this year because of lack of sponsorships but Donald Trump, the owner of the pageant, asked the franchise holder to send a delegate because she wanted a Miss Jamaica this year.

It could be that her mentors shoved to her that she's important in this pageant since it was Donald who requested them to send a Miss Jamaica.

Why did Caroline mentioned that infamous line? From the report of Michelle, it looks like that the candidates were in Arawak Cay in Bahamas for a tour. Some of the girls who are more aggressive were trying to push some of the ladies in order to get a better view for the photographers probably. Caroline was one of the latter.

"Miss Jamaica is a confident beauty who won’t tolerate being pushed around by aggressive delegates."

Caroline is one of the contestants who I think have the prettiest faces in the competition.