08 August 2009

Truth or False: Miss Trinidad and Tobago is competing at Miss Universe 2009 with Kerry Ann King?

The participation of a Miss Trinidad and Tobago at the ongoing Miss Universe 2009 is still a mystery.

We all knew that Peter Elias, the franchise holder for this Caribbean country, has already confirmed that there will be no more  Miss TT for this year due to lack of sponsorhip.

But with the keen eyes of beauty pageant fans, rumours started to circulate that there is a Miss TT this year because of a sash hanging at the back of other contestants registering for the pageant in Atlantis Hotel. It was captured by the camera.

Click on the picture to view it larger in order for you to see the sash of Miss Trinidad and Tobago.

Some "informants" also claimed in beauty pageant message boards that Wendy Fitzwilliam, Miss Universe 1998, acquired the franchise of Miss Universe at the last minute and she decided to send a representative this year. The representative was said to be a close relative of Wendy and she is Kerry Ann. Well, this is only a rumour.

Michelle Malcolm, Senior Manager at the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and a broadcast journalist, who does a daily updates on Miss Universe at Critical Beauty also wrote that the last candidate to arrive in Bahamas for the pageant was "Miss Trinidad and Tobago - Kerry Ann King".

In an update dated August 6th, Michelle said "there are now 85 contestants competing in this year’s pageant. Miss Trinidad and Tobago Kerry Ann King, who was a finalist in the 2008 Miss Trinidad and Tobago pageant, was the last delegate to arrive."

A pageant fan also claimed that he saw a picture of Miss TT along with Miss Turks and Caicos Jewel Selver but that was the only picture he saw. I have been searching for that picture but to no avail.

But a quick check at the official Miss Universe site, not a single shadow of Kerry Ann King or a Miss TT can be seen.

So, what is the truth on this? It's already 15-days before the coronation and we haven't seen Miss TT in action.

I found this picture of Kerry Ann King who is a beauty queen from Trinidad and Tobago. i just don't know if this is the Kerry Ann we are talking here.