04 August 2009

Miss Philippines Universe Pamela Bianca Manalo Arrives in Bahamas

Miss Philippines Universe Pamela Bianca Manalo is one of the two Asian beauties who made an impact on me at the ongoing Miss Universe 2009 in Bahamas. The other one is Miss Singapore Rachel Kum.

While Rachel was standing out in their swimsuit pictorials the other day, Pamela's arrival in Bahamas showed her class and regal bearing. Pamela looks very sweet, elegant and with grace.

The Filipino beauty queen was greeted by a handful of Filipinos working in Bahamas and it is said that her arrival is so far the warmest welcome a delegate could have received from supporters.

Even the controversial Ines Ligron, director of Miss Japan Universe, was stunned by the natural beauty of Pamela. She made a post in her blog calling Miss Philippines a "stunner". She added that Pamela is a "real beauty with grace".

And we are right, the outfit we have mentioned here is what Pamela wore.

We are putting Miss Philippines in our Top 15 prediction (to be released soon). But we are hoping she have a decent long gown to realize this. But anyways, the Miss Universe organization is looking for the girl who looks the best in long gown and not the best long gown.

Miss Philippines is one of the late delegates who arrived in Bahamas to beat the deadline of registration.