14 February 2010

Mister World 2007 Juan Garcia Postigo and Lucas Gil - are they gays?

Are Mister World 2007 Juan Garcia Postigo and his runner-up Gil Lucas gays?

I don't know if you think so but that was the first question that was formulated in my mind when I saw this picture of them "kissing" each other - not just only in the cheek but a lips to lips.

Juan of Spain and Lucas of Brazil were the favorites to win during the Mister World 2007 that was held in Sanya, China. They were the last two standing but the Spanish stud came out stronger with his charisma to edge out the Brazilian hunk.

Going back to the picture, in fairness to them, they were just like having some fun in the company with some friends - nothing serious. But as male pageant winners, they have the hunky or straight image especially for the women and gays who see them as sex icons and seeing them in such a racy picture is a big turn off. Being public models, they should be more careful sometimes with their pranks or antics.