24 July 2009

Miss Vietnam Vo Hoang Yen Believes she'll succeed in Miss Universe 2009

Vo Hoang Yen, Miss Vietnam Universe 2009, believes she will fly high at the Miss Universe 2009 in Bahamas. Her interview with Vietnamnet is interesting to read.

Yen said, "Fans have transmitted their strength and belief to me for this pageant, so I believe in my ability to succeed,” supermodel Vo Hoang Yen told Dat Viet newspaper ahead of her impending trip to the Bahamas for the Miss Universe 2009 pageant."

How have you prepared for the upcoming trip?

I’m going to the Bahamas on August 1 to participate in the Miss Universe 2009 pageant. I have nearly completed everything. I only need to pack my things and set off.

My clothes for this trip will include ao dai designed by ABC ao dai fashion and a dozen night gowns and modern fashions by designer Cong Tri and over 20 sets of clothes of my own, totalling nearly 40 sets.

Foreign language, particularly English, has been the weakness of Vietnamese contestants at international pageants, how about you?

I believe in my English because I have studied English since I was a little girl and it has improved so far. Communication is often a weakness for Vietnamese contestants so they can’t show themselves off. I see my English as my forte in this pageant, and it will help me to win people’s sympathy.

What will be your image in this contest?

My style at Miss Universe 2009 will be diversified and versatile. You will see a Vo Hoang Yen, Vietnam’s representative, who is not dependent on any model. She will be very dynamic, unaffected and youthful at outdoor activities and sometimes we will be very smart and noble at evening parties.

Fans’ expectations of you are great, so does that put pressure on you?

I would like to thank everyone. I’m very happy to be listed at the top of the online vote on the Miss Universe website, and be supported by not only Vietnamese but foreign friends. I’m lucky to be highly applauded by many foreigners. Fans have transmitted their strength and belief to me for this pageant, so I believe in my ability to succeed.

How do you feel at this moment?

Cheerful is the most accurate word to describe my feelings at this moment. I’m going to the Bahamas alone but I know that I will have interesting experiences during this competition. I will discover the Bahamas with contestants from all over the world. I believe that I will make many new friends.

* Hoang Yen temporarily ranks first in the online vote on the official website of the Miss Universe 2009, with 13581 votes, followed by Miss Universe Indonesia 13204 votes and Miss Zambia.