24 July 2009

Miss Singapore Rachel Kum's National Costume

I mentioned earlier here that for the first time in the history of Miss Singapore Universe, their national costume for the Miss Universe pageant will be decided by the public through online voting.

The reason why the pageant organizers are doing this is because they received flak last year with the merlion-inspired outfit wore by Shenise Wong at the Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam. This time, the organizer would like to satisfy the public.

Ten designs by students of Raffles Design Institute, which draw inspiration from local themes such as the national flower Vanda Miss Joaquim and the twinkles of the city skyline at night, were presented online. The one with the highest votes will be the national costume of Rachel Kum, Miss Singapore Universe 2009.

Here are five of the designs including the merlion-inspired costume.