01 July 2009

Mayra Matos, Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2009, Dethroned?


We have a big news coming from Rafa of Critical Beauty. Apparently, Miss Puerto Rico 2009 Mayra Matos has been dethroned by the pageant organizer, Magali Febles, who is also the director of Miss Dominican Republic Universe.

Sources are telling that Mayra Matos has been stripped of her title as Miss Puerto Rico Universe by national director Magali Febles. It appears that Mayra refused to sign a contract with a clause that says, "You must not have participated in an international pageant that you won."

Mayra was Miss Teen International 2006 and Magali knew about this. Magali offered the MPRU crown to Mayra's first runner-up, Jennifer Colon, who sources say has flatly rejected the offer and that she supports Mayra all the way. It appears, too, that the contract has been revised by Magali, since it's not the same one that Ingrid Rivera had signed when she was Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008.

But the Puerto Rican newspaper, Primera Hora just published today that Mayra's dethronement is a purely rumour, that she denies her dethronement, and that she will compete in Miss Universe 2009 in Bahamas. The article also says that Mayra has never received any letter from Magali dethroning her.

Read the entire article in Spanish.