12 July 2009

Is Miss Singapore Rachel Kum about to succumb to pressure?

There have been calls to strip Miss Singapore 2009, Rachel Kum, of her title after some racy or scandalous pictures of her appeared in this blog, Beauty in Pageants. The photos were picked up by beauty pageant related forums and other blogs until it reached the organizers of Miss Singapore.

But the organizers said they are not stripping Rachel of her crown since the pictures were all taken before her crowning. She will still be going to Bahamas for the Miss Universe 2009.

Asiaone.com also run a story on these photos. Though the website did not name our blog, it was pretty obvious the writer was talking about this blog and the pictures we first uploaded here. They actually copied some of the comments made under the blog entries we wrote on Rachel Kum's suggestive pictures.

There is one I discovered from reading all the news articles on this so-called brouhaha, I came to realize that people are not aware that these pictures we published here came from the blog of Rachel Kum, herself. Yes, it's just like the beauty queen was also the one who fed us these pictures in question - innocently.

Did you know that?

But when I checked back Rachel's blog, her site was temporarily unavailable. She mentions that the site is going to be revamped soon.

Another source told me that at one point, Rachel set her blog privately. One can read it by invitation only. Probably she did it while she was deleting the pictures.

The question is, is Rachel about to succumb to pressure?

I have seen online petitions calling her to step down or give up her title. More and more people are signing.

We did not expect that these stories we ran in this blog would generate such controversy. One thing is achieved here - Rachel is now one of the most talked candidates to the Miss Universe 2009.

So don't be surprised if we see her on the Top 15 come August 23rd.

***Rachel posted the picture shown above in her blog. It was taken in Maldives.