04 July 2009

Demetra Olimpiou Wins Star Cyprus 2009

Cyprus crowned its representatives to Misses Universe and World with the conclusion of Miss Cyprus 2009, also known as Star Cyprus or Carlsberg Pancyprian Beauty Contest, last 2 July 2009 at the Pavillion in the capital Nicosia, once a host of the Miss Universe 2000.

The top prizes in this pageant are Star Cyprus 2009 and Miss Cyprus 2009. Confusing? The former is superior to the latter. The winner of Star Cyprus goes to Miss Universe while Miss Cyprus goes to Miss World.

Star Cyprus 2009 was given to Demetra Olimpiou. She will represent her country at the Miss Universe 2010. Demetra is now the third confirmed representative to the 59th edition of Miss Universe after Turkey and Bolivia. (I have written in this blog entry that Lebanon's Martine Androus was the third one but a switching made her the representative of her country in this year's pageant in the Bahamas.)

The winner of Star Cyprus 2008, Klelia Giasemidou will be the one competing at the Miss Universe 2009 pageant in the Bahamas this coming August 23.

Klelia Giasemidou, Star Cyprus 2008

On the other hand, declared as Miss Cyprus 2009 was Christalla Tsiali. She will be competing at the Miss World 2009 pageant in Johannesburg, South Africa and London in December.

Miss Carlsberg or equivalent to First Runner-up went to Antrea Ckolou. Miss Mediterranean or the Second Runner-up was Valentina Elsagiet. The two runners-up will most likely compete at Miss Europe 2009 and Miss Tourism Queen International 2009.

Fifteen graceful ladies participated in the pageant. The top winner, Star Cyprus Demetra Olimpiou, recieved a prize of a new Ford Fiesta.