30 June 2009

Diana Curmei, Miss Italia Nel Mondo 2009, on Moldovan-Romanian Brotherhood

I would like to treat you, our readers, with an interview of the current Miss Italia Nel Mondo, Diana Curmei who represented his father's home country of Moldova. The said interview was done by Hotnews.ro, a Romanian website.

It is interesting to know Diana's stand on the conflict going on between neighboring European countries of Romania and Moldova. Thanks to some beauty pageants which have been the flatforms of women in voicing out their political opinions on some issues.

Diana Curmei, Miss Italia nel Mondo 2009: I represented the Republic of Moldova, but I consider Moldavians to be Romanian ass well. Practically, we're brothers

Miss Italia nel Mondo 2009, Moldovan Diana Curmei, declared after winning the competition that Moldavians are, in fact, Romanians and nobody should debate on the issue. After taking the baccalaureate in Chisinau, Diana intends to study at a Romanian University.

After a sleepless night caused by last night's nervousness, Miss Italia nel Mondo 2009, Diana Curmei, spoke briefly with HotNews.ro.

"When I heard my name and received the crown from the hands of Prince Emanuele Filiberto de Savoia, the jury's president, I was stunned. I could not believe, despite the fact that all of us three Romanian girls were among the favourites. I was proud for my people: I represented the Republic of Moldova, but I consider Moldavians to be Romanians, as well. We're practically brothers. There should not be any debate on the issue", she said.

Diana confessed she first called her parents, who followed her with holding their breath: "They're both very proud of me!"

Prince of Savoia was cheering up for her from the beginning

There were tens of thousands of Romanians and Moldavians watching the competition on Rai Uno. The voting of the audience was one main player in nominating the winner.

"I want to thank all who voted for me and supported me. I know that in Italy Romanians face prejudices, but I believe that me and Simona Lungu, who took the second podium, managed to erased at least several of the stereotypes our community is connected with", Diana Curmei said.

What did the Prince di Savoia whispered to her ear when he was handing her the crown? "He told me he was cheering up for me from the very beginning!"

Diana's body - the object of an insurance policy worth one million euros

The young woman explained she had problems in April, at the Moldovan-Romanian border, when the Moldovan authorities stopped her and accused her of collaborating with an anti-communist NGO. She has now decided to come and study at a Romanian University after graduating the baccalaureate in Chisinau.

Diana Curmei won an annual contract with a fashion house and another contract with a car company. She also got a mini-contract with Italian television RAI. An Italian society specialised in insurances insured her body for one million euros.