28 April 2009

Miss World Malta 2009

Thirty contestants will compete for the title of Miss World Malta which is due to be held on 4 July and will also represent different localities in Malta and Gozo.

Sue Rossi and Claudia Calleja from Modelle International will be responsible for organising this prestigious event.

Auditions in the form of interviews started four months ago to choose the girls who were selected as finalists to take part in the final night. It was very important for the participants to have a good educational background and a pleasant personality.

Miss World Jersey Ltd organisers of the Miss World pageant are very careful to select a winner with good values and personality.

This year Modelle International will be also organising a charity event under the theme Beauty with a Purpose since Miss World is also well known for helping children’s charities and Variety Clubs International. This was created by Julia Morley Chairman of Miss World Jersey Ltd 25 years ago.

All monies raised from tickets sales or donations of the charity events are entirely donated to underprivileged and disabled children.

All this year’s participants will be involved in taking part in this event later on during the month of May.

Fotoclassic and stylist Marisa Grima prepared and photographed the finalists during a shoot at Excelsior Hotel for the programme D Search. The programme is presented by Claudia Calleja. Golden Rose make-up, which will also be launched during one of these events will be used by make-up artist Shasha and her team.

Luna by J. Piccinino Ltd will provide different styles of swimwear during the filming together with Nemo by Caprio of Mosta who will dress the contestants for the programme.

Avandgarde & Hairoscope will be the official hairstylist for D Search using the products Divines and Balmain hair extensions thanks to Beauty Imports.

During the final night another different group of hairdressers will be responsible for the hairstyles.

Sterling Jewellers who are the official sponsors for the Miss World Malta and the final night, will crown the winner with a prestige crown.

The winner will be also travelling to represent Malta in the final of Miss World to be held in Sun City South Africa to meet 110 other countries thanks to Lufthansa German Airlines.

D Search…..for Miss World Malta produced by Modelle International will be transmitted every Thursday at 9.00pm on Favourite Channel starting on 30 April.