20 July 2013

The smartest Miss Universe contestant

Do you know who is the smartest contestant ever produced by Miss Universe?

The answer is, Iris Mulej, a former Miss Universe contestant in 2002. She was found to have an IQ of 156 by scientists working for a television program. A beauty queen who is brighter than a nuclear physicist. A Slovenian TV programmer who tried to prove top models are brainless bimbos was scrapped after a beauty queen turned out to have a higher IQ than a nuclear physicist. She had to take a series of logic tests looking at spatial awareness, mathematical equations and problem solving ability. The test result forced Slovenia TV, the state broadcaster, to cancel its program involving the model who left school at 16 to pursue a modeling career.

Iris, who previously admitted one of her ambitions was to have sex with one guy and three other girls, was Slovenia's Miss Universe contestant in 2002.

About Iris Mulej

She was born on June 19, 1981, spent her childhood in the Slovenian small town of Podgrad but now she lives in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Arts and beauty bewitched her as early as she was a little girl. She used to create unusual trendy combinations borrowing her mother's clothes and jewelry. Soon afterwards, she began to sew her own clothes and make her own jewelry. It was therefore no coincidence that she decided to study jewelry design.

Then, she got her first offer in modeling that led her from her hometown to big cities like Miami, Paris, Los Angeles, London, Istanbul and Munich. She also took part in 13 national and world beauty contests and each one of them brought her some titles or a crown. The last title Miss Universe Slovenia 2002 has been the dearest for her so far. She keeps some magnificent memories on the Miss Universe beauty contest in 2002 that was held in Puerto Rico. She was even elected Miss Best Figure! Since she handed over her crown, she has been participating in the Miss Universe Slovenia projects.

Next, the most important step for her was winning the crown for Miss Slovenia 2006 which gave her the right to go to Miss World. Miss World 2006 was held in Poland, where she was elected in top 20 for Best in Swimsuit out of 104 girls and get on 14th place.

Today, Iris Mulej is a world class model. She has over 15 years of experience in the business and has won 13 beauty pageants including Miss Slovenia and Miss Universe Slovenia.

She became an international sensation when a national TV station conducted a Mensa intelligence test where she scored 156 points.

She has her own agency Promo-Fox that cooperates very closely with Photo-Shark. They provide models and creative consulting as well as logistical support. And now she is a model, inventor, celebrity, creative leader, consultant, make up and styling artist.