07 October 2008

Pinay beauties' edge over Latin ladies: Warmth

I have been observing how beauty pageants are being taken for the last 20 years. I have heard lots of backstage stories of most of the contestants. It is countless. One thing I have observed is the diversion of what could be the original purpose of the pageant which is to build friendship and camaraderie among the participating countries. It is supposed to be for fun but things aren't the same nowadays.

Beauty pageants, though this are really contests, has reached a new dimension. This is being taken uber now. Contestants usually bitch other contestants not to mention also the fact that pageants fans insult, bash, and criticize heavily every candidates and even supporters of a particular country. Racist comments are thrown to each and everyone. This is pathetic. The purpose is now defeated.

I don't see something wrong in being so competitive but not to the point of bitching around. A friendly atmosphere should always be observed since this is one of the reasons for the staging of the pageant. Candidates should still learn to befriend each and everyone.

I want to share an interesting article about an interview of the three Binibining Pilipinas winners this year. Miss Philippines-Universe Jennifer Barrientos (who competed in Vietnam last Miss Universe pageant), Miss Philippines-World Danielle Castano (who replaced Janina San Miguel as Philippine representative to the Miss World 2008 pageant in South Africa) and Miss Philippines-International Patricia Fernandez had an interview with a Philippines local television show.

In the interview, Jennifer Barrientos talked about the difference of Filipina beauties to other beauties especially the South Americans. She said her contemporaries are friendlier to their fellow candidates.

Pinay beauties' edge over Latin ladies: Warmth

For years now Latin ladies have dominated the world of international beauty pageants but Filipino beauties are unfazed.

Reigning Binibining (Bb) Pilipinas Universe Jennifer Barrientos, Bb. Pilipinas World Danielle Castaño and Bb. Pilipinas International Patricia Fernandez said Filipino beauties are unique.

In an interview on “Mornings@ANC,” the three women said Filipinas have their own style.

“We show more warmth and friendliness,” Fernandez said.

It is not easy being a beauty queen though. Before they can represent the country in international competitions, the winners of the prestigious beauty contest are required to undergo rigorous trainings.

Barrientos emphasized the importance of preparing for the competitions.

“The secret is how you prepare and how you keep the power within. It’s how you concentrate, keep your focus,” she said.

Castaño, on the other hand, said: “Just finish school first before you go into something like beauty pageants and then that’s when you focus. If you want something and just keep dreaming, just be strong and you’ll succeed.”

The hard work though pays off even if the country’s representatives fail to bring home the crown.

Barrientos, who represented the country in Miss Universe 2008 held in Vietnam, for instance, said because of the experience she got to meet new friends from other countries.

“The whole experience was very fun. I got to meet new people, new friends from other countries. And I got to experience all of the things that other beauty queens experienced,” she said.

Fernandez and Castaño are set to compete in Macau and South Africa, respectively, in the coming months.

“I really pray that I will be able to bring honor to our country but, of course, I could only prepare,” said Fernandez who is leaving the country next week for the Miss International competition in November.

For Castaño, she said she has been undergoing trainings to prepare her for the Miss World pageant in December.

Ever wondered what’s up with beauty queen hand wave? The three beauties said it is for picture taking.

In the first picture is Miss Philippines-International Patricia Fernandez and in the second picture is Miss Philippines-Universe Jennifer Barrientos. Photo credits to OPMB and Binibining Pilipinas.