07 October 2008

New Colored Video of Miss Universe 1969

I would like to share you this video of the 1969 Miss Universe pageant won by Gloria Diaz of the Philippines. The reason I have been sharing this is because the video's not in black and white. This is a part of a documentary shown on TV. It is not clear where this was shown but the uploader on youtube looks like from Thailand. I saw Thai writings in the description along with the video.

This is the first win by the Philippines and the third win by an Asian. Japan's Akiko Kojima won in 1959 and in 1965, Apasra Hongsakula of Thailand won the title.

This is also the first pageant where question and answer was introduced.

One thing I have observed, the finalists are all blondes and towering in heights except for Japan and Philippines. But in the end, it was a triumph by the 5'5" exotic Gloria Diaz.

What made her win the pageant? Is it her witty answer to the final question. I admit she showed intellectual superiority and that could be the reason.