13 June 2013

Miss USA 2013 Promises Surprises on the Finals

(Miss Minnesota, Danielle Hooper, in her swimsuit and long gown during the preliminary competition yesterday)

The 62nd Miss USA pageant is obviously making an effort to keep the pageant popular so that people will watch it comes coronation night. Why did I say so? First, it is a common knowledge that nowadays beauty pageants are no longer attracting viewership which could transform big profits. Second, Miss USA is being handled by business tycoon, Donald Trump who everybody knows as a publicity whore.These are the two reasons I can think of when I read somewhere that Miss USA 2013 is "introducing something new that will shake up the whole show".

Hmm, now, did that statement from Paula Shugart, the Miss Universe president who is also in charge of Miss USA, pique your interest?

As quoted by a news online, Shugart said, “we’re keeping it totally under wraps. In fact, we’re being so secretive about it. We’re also going to spring it on our owner, Donald Trump. It's really going to shake up a lot of unexpected things during the live show -- and it may very well change the entire outcome of how the new Miss USA is determined."

“It's certainly going to keep people on the edge of their seats," Shugart added.

I am clueless whatever surprises they are going to show us. Do you have any idea?