05 February 2010

Would you choose Miss Earth over Miss World?

I am sure you would pick Miss World over Miss Earth if you are asked to choose between the two.

It won't surprise me. Afterall, Miss World is the oldest among all the 4 grandslam pageants while Miss Earth is only celebrating its 10th year anniversary. Julia Morley's pageant has been broadcasted in most parts of the world while Carousel's can only been seen in Philippine television.

Miss World attracts more participating countries every year of around 100 beauties but Miss Earth is catching up with 80 plus girls. Most beauty pageant fans believe Miss World has more beautiful participants than Miss Earth every year. But personally, I believe this is not true especially if we compare the ladies who competed last year in both pageants. Miss Earth had more quality contestants than Miss World. In fact, Miss Earth produced the most competitive and most stunning girls in the Top 5 of any international pageants last year.

If most of us will choose Miss World, Vietnam did the exact opposite over the question on which of the two pageants they will keep to host. The Province of Khan Khao dropped Miss World 2010 but they kept Miss Earth 2010.

This is definitely a blow on Julia's face but a sure victory for the lesser Miss Earth. I can't imagine what Julia might be thinking now but I am sure the Carousel staffs are grinning from ears to ears.

I can only think of one valid reason why Miss Earth was favored. Hosting this pageant is lot cheaper than the USD 10 million Vietnam will be needing to bring Miss World.

With this, I personally believe Khan Khoa just did the most practical thing to do. The Vietnamese government can still market their tourism with Miss Earth with a lesser budget than spend 10 million without a guarantee they can get this back.

So, kudos to Vietnam for the wise decision.