02 August 2009

Misses Albania and Kosovo - Photoshopped Queens?

Fadil Berisha's - official photographer of Miss Universe 2009 pageant - girls, Misses Albania Hasna Xhukiçi and Kosovo Marigona Dragusha, were the second earliest to arrive in Bahamas after Miss France Chloe Mortaud for the Miss Universe 2009 pageant.

The three beauty queens got together immediately and with the latest pictures of them on their arrival, fans started to whine again about the beauty queens' real looks.

Prior to their arrival, beauty pageant lovers were pampered with stunning pictures of Hasna and Marigona all over the internet. Those pictures were highly doctored or "photoshopped" which set the expectations too high for both the ladies.

This is the reason why disappointed fans are more and more becoming vocal with their criticisms to the two of the most-hyped European delegates to the the Miss U pageant. Some fans are labeling them the Photoshopped Queens.

We hope to see the transformations of Hasna and Marigona in the following days. Hopefully, they can regained the admiration of those disappointed fans.

In that picture which is shown above, Chloe seems prepared for the pageant. She looks stunning.

Below is the photoshopped picture of Misses Albania and Kosovo.