03 August 2009

Miss Philippines national costume is Flores-de-Mayo inspired

The national costume of Miss Philippines Universe Pamela Bianca Manalo is a Flores-de-Mayo-inspired outfit made by Maestro Alfredo Barraza.

Stone, a Colombian who had the privilege to attend the photo shoot of Pamela with the costume in Bogota posted some of the pictures in a Colombian message board. Thanks to P.E of Philippine Beyond for the heads up.

Stone had only nice words for Pamela who he thinks a Top 5 Miss Universe material. In Spanish, Stone said that Pamela is a beautiful woman with fine features, nice body, porcelain skin, long legs, sexy, well-prepared, intelligent and spiritual.

The dress sleeves are richly embroidered with crystals and filigree tinsel on white and silver lace. The skirt of spiral flowers is in organza ribbons in different colours. A beautiful square umbrella accompanies the sumptuous design and also make glass combs adorn the sophisticated hairstyle.

All the best for Miss Philippines Pamela Bianca Manalo.