16 July 2009

Who has the Best Headshot Among the candidates of Miss Universe 2009?

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I've been talking about Miss Earth new website yesterday and surprisingly, Miss Universe also updated theirs by uploading the headshots of each candidates to the 2009 Miss Universe in Bahamas. So, who do you think has the Best Headshot?

But I noticed some honest mistakes which include:

1. Miss Singapore Rachel Kum has the picture of Miss Philippines Pamela Bianca Manalo.

2. Miss Philippines named has been mispelled. Instead of PAMELA Bianca Manalo, what was written is PANELA Bianca Manalo.

Most of the ladies are beautiful in pictures. Most of them are photogenic. The question is, will there be a Miss Photogenic award this year after it was skipped last year?

Miss Indonesia Zivanna Letisha Sirigar is stunning in her headshot. She's a revelation. And I also noticed her big facial similarity with Miss Philippines Pamela Bianca Manalo.

Miss Korea Na Ri is not really that bad. She looks so sensual and sophisticated in the picture.

Miss Netherlands Avalon Chanel Weyzig is like a goddess. I love her almond-like skin colour.

Miss Paraguay Mareike Baumgarten Oroa's headshot should be changed. She doesn't look good in her picture. While most of the candidates have photoshopped pictures, Mareike's picture was not.

Miss Egypt Elham Wagdi is absolutely stunning.

These are only few of my comments. I try to post more next time.

Click on the picture for larger viewing.