29 July 2009

Confirmed: Misses Philippines and Colombia are roommates in Bahamas

It's confirmed. Miss Philippines Universe Pamela Bianca Manalo and Miss Colombia Michelle Rouillard will be roommates in Bahamas during the Miss Universe 2009 stint.

Was this possible through Stella Marquez Araneta, Philippine Director for Miss Universe, who is a Colombian? We are just asking.

What's funny here is that Misses Colombia and Philippines will be wearing gowns and traditional costumes made by only one designer, Alfredo Barraza of Colombia. Will they be ripping the Barraza beads on each other's gowns? We are just kidding.

Aside from Pamela Bianca and Michelle, other roomies are Miss USA Kirsten Dalton and Miss Australia Rachael Finch; Miss Honduras Belgica Suarez and Miss Guatemala Lourdes Figueroa; and, Miss Switzerland Whitney Toyloy and Miss Thailand Chutima Durongdej.