22 July 2009

Andreas Kattou Wins Mr England 2009

Twenty-four-year-old Andreas Kattou is the winner of Mr. England 2009.

Andreas won the audience's vote which decided the winner of Mr. England on the night of the Miss England final where Rachel Christie won Miss England.

Chris Mulvaney who hails from Bolton came in second place and Hare Dhami from Birmingham came in third!

Andreas has has Cyprian roots and has played football professionally for Cyprus for under 17's-18's!. He hails from Rugby.

Andreas will represent England at the 2009 Mr World to be held in Seoul, South Korea  from September 18th to October 3rd, 2009.

 Andreas Kattou, Mr England 2009

Mr England 2009 First Runner-up Chris Mulvaney of Bolton

Mr England 2009 Second Runner-up Hare Dhami of Birmingham