04 June 2009

Rachel Kum, Miss Singapore, Lashes Back on her Detractors

With the flak Rachael Kum, Miss Singapore-Universe 2009, is getting from rabid fans, the beauty queen was not able to hold her composure when she lashed them back with a very strong article she posted on her blog on May 18. The title of the blog entry is "Why So Angry?"

Obviously, she is referring to her detractors who are busy visiting pageant forums and blogs to spread their words of disappointment.

This only shows that Rachel is a human. She is definitely affected by all the controversies generated by her winning the right to represent her country to the Miss Universe 2009 pageant in the Bahamas on August 23.

She even accompanied her article with a picture of a devil, with horns of course, which she thinks symbolize these people who are so angry with her.

Below is her blog entry:
It soon becomes a joke when you realise how some people can get insanely jealous of others when they see them succeed in life that they spend so much of their spare time rallying others to slander the ones they despise so much. Why so angry ah?

Apparently these haters are the same people who devoted their lives to slander me for something I have never done to hurt them in any way. I hope one day this becomes the highlight of their child hood where they can share such stories of their past time with their children.

Mom : "Dear son, back in my younger days I have created accounts and forums to slam people I have never met before just for fun!"

Son : "Wow Mom, good on ya! I'm so proud of you!"

So anyways, this is what I can analyse about the feelings of a jealous person...

Hate: To really hate something or someone, you must first throw off any and all remnants or attributes of love. Hate have gone beyond the simple little wordings of "I hate you" to the plateau of "I despise any and every thing about you". To reach this stage of sin's evilness, you must let it fester within your heart, within your soul, until it reaches the point of control over your words and actions.

Bias: What can describe this self bred dart of the devil? What makes a person decide to become biased over something or someone? Did they get advanced at the workplace when we believed we should have got the promotion? Did the lady wear a more expensive piece of clothing to church? Maybe the preacher shook hands with the person next to you, but for some reason he did not shake your hand. Bias is like a plague that spreads all over us until it blinds us to the truth.

Stupidity: I am not talking about a lack of smarts or even being an educated genius. I am referring to being stupid with decisions and choices we all make that we know are not right. The ones where we reap no beneficial significance. By our stupid actions because of our stupid decisions someone else and including ourselves are ravished over the ravine of reckoning.

Insolence: How many time are we insolent to someone else and don't even know it, or if we do, we tend to let it go. Let us never forget that words are sharper than darts, and the infliction of them on others leave lasting wounds. We may not see the scars on the faces, arms, hands, legs, bodies of those we insult, but they are there believe you me. When these wounds fester and spread within the bloodline of the soul, they one day come out, and when they do it is usually not pretty.

Bitterness: Instead of forgiving and forgetting, someone has hurt us to the point that we cannot do either, and so the episode that planted the seed of bitterness starts to grow, and smothers out our rationale and ability to think straight. It can change us until our souls become wrinkled, aged with bitter thoughts, and die away without ever being the real soul they was supposed to be.

Envy: What is the difference in envy and coveting? Can we be envious of something or someone else without coveting? I say not. Whenever we become envious over the possessions, the wives, the husbands, the children, the homes, the cars, all people and possessions or others we covet them. The bible tells us if we covet our neighbor's wife with our heart, we are as guilty as being with her. I say if we covet the other possessions of others, including others, we are as guilty as doing the deed we are thinking of. From within the heart the actions proceed.

Jealousy: Why is it we let jealousy within us expand upon those around us? What do we have or do not have to be jealous about? We are so afraid that someone else is going to be richer, going to have a better life, going to have all the "goings" that I will lack. Like the rich man who said he would eat, drink, and be merry, because his barns were overflowing, and he said he would build more barns to fill. Then that very night the Lord told him his life here was over.

Rage: Rage goes beyond anger, it entails the loosing of the mind either temporarily or for a sustained period. Rage blocks out rationality, it quenches the flow of decision making, and it results in us being out of our minds, out of control, and to the point of hurting ourselves or someone else.

Seriously, to accuse others with no concrete evidence will just make you look like an idiot. Being an idiot generally involves a certain amount of arrogance, or at least ignorance of one's lack of expertise, and a stubborn insistence on proceeding anyway. When intelligent people approach something new that they don't know anything about, they do so with appropriate humility and follow the directions of those who know what they are talking about. As they grow more confident, they start to take their own initiatives. It's funny how that hanging out with Dawn and having our pictures taken together seems inevitable to have me strung along to the subject matter of plastic surgery and made me her overnight best friend. If I remember vaguely, the reason why people created a hate fan site for her is because they want to expose her. Why would someone wish to expose someone? That will only happen that if someone loathes another terribly. Like someone did an unforgivable mistake. Like your husband is sleeping with your best friend's mom. Did i go overboard?

Has one ever thought of masseter botox which causes your face shape to shrink? How about the art of makeup where you highlight the part of your lid to create the banana eyeshadow effect so that it enhances the deep set of your eyes? How about the new trend of using wide eyed contact lenses and eyelash extensions to enhance the shape of your eyes? If anyone would like to challenge me about plastic surgery on my face, please make sure money is involve. :-)

The world is progressing with technology and Singapore is definitely not a third world country, so let us all get with the program! Hmmm...maybe i've finally found myself a talent with the art of makeup!

So instead of sitting behind the computer all day long to rally support for their own ideologies, I can only hope that they can learn to do something more constructive with their lives like contributing to the good of society rather than finding jokes to entertain their small community who finds joy and satisfaction at the expense of hurting others. I can only pity.

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts."-Bertrand Russell

"The only causes of regret are laziness,
outbursts of temper, hurting
others, prejudice, jealousy and envy."