04 June 2009

Ife Bethel Sears Resigns as Miss Earth Bahamas 2009

Controversy continues to storm Miss Bahamas Organization as news broke out yesterday that Ife Bethel-Sears resigned as Miss Earth Bahamas 2009. She was the first runner up at the Miss Bahamas 2009 pageant where Kiara Sherman emerged as the victor or the over-all winner.

Humor has it that the reason why she relinquished her crown is because she is not happy with her placement from the very start. According to some pageant observers, she really wanted the title of Miss Bahamas or nothing. And, because more and more Bahamians are expressing their disappointments over the selection of Kiara as the over-all winner, Ife saw this opportunity to jump in to the bandwagon. This is her own way of protesting of what she believes as unfair judgment.

Well, as a pageant observer, this act from a beauty queen who did not get the top prize shows lack of sportsmanship. Ife is definitely bitter. In my own standard, this attitude from Ife does not make her a real beauty queen. So, it is just right that she resigned because I personally believe she can't perform the duties of a beauty queen. She is not a role model.

Thus, I am praising her decision of stepping down from her throne. Clap! Clap! Clap!

Bethel-Sears is the daughter of the former Minister of Education and Attorney General of the Bahamas Alfred Sears. This might be one of the factors why she was brave enough to resign. I am just speculating.

There is no development yet on who will replace her.