13 May 2009

Scandal: New Set of Miss California Carrie Prejean's Semi-Nude Photos

The "attack" on Miss California 2009 and Miss USA 2009 runner up, Carrie Prejean, by mostly gays who were offended by her answer during the final question and answer portion of the Miss USA pageant continues with TMZ, a popular site for celebrity gossips, discovering more of Prejean's racy pictures showing her boobs and nipples.

The site claimed that the semi-nude photos of Carrie Prejean was shot profesionally only last year when the controversial beauty queen was already 20 years old.

Well, expect that this scandal or controversy involving Miss California will go on now that the owner of Miss Universe, Donald Trump, let Carrie keep her title. She was not dethroned which disgusted many Carrie haters. Expect them to hunt for more racy pictures of her.
Here are some of the semi-nude pictures of Miss California from TMZ.


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