06 May 2009

Miss USA, Kirsten dalton, not taking sides in Prejean controversy

The newly crowned Miss USA Kristen Dalton is not taking anybody's sides in the controversy surrounding runner-up Carrie Prejean's anti-gay marriage comments. Prejean's response to the question by judge Perez Hilton, an openly gay gossip blogger, led to a huge furore, with many arguing that the answer cost Prejean the crown.

But, the crown-wining beauty Dalton is in no mood to adding more fuel to the fire and is thus being diplomatic. "Carrie is obviously very passionate about her beliefs," The New York Daily News quoted Dalton as saying at City Harvest's 'Practical Magic' event.

She added: "I respect her as an American, a fellow competitor and her friend. "Although I'm her friend, I don't want to defend her to her detractors because that's their right as well. They feel really strongly about their opinion for pro-gay rights, and that's great."