13 May 2009

Miss Georgia Kimberly Gittings Stands Behind Prejean

Miss California, Carrie Prejean learned she would be allowed to keep her crown Tuesday despite risqué photos taken of the 21-year-old surfacing. The beauty queen was also under fire for her answer to a question about gay marriage during the Miss USA pageant. Tuesday night, Miss Georgia opened up about the controversy.

Miss Georgia, Kimberly Gittings said she stood behind her friend Prejean 100 percent and she wasn't surprised that the California beauty queen was allowed to keep her title. Gittings also said she was confident that Prejean will do a great job as Miss California.

Gittings said the crowing moment of being in the Miss USA pageant was getting to know the other women in the competition. The Lilburn native said she developed a close friendship with many of the women in the pageant, including Prejean.

"She was really nice, beautiful in person, and funny too," said Gittings of Prejean.

Prejean came under fire for her answer to a question about same-sex marriage during the Miss USA pageant.

Gittings said as Miss USA you have to be ready to address any topic and speak from the heart.

"I stick behind her opinion, the fact that we come from a country that you can speak you mind," said Gittings.

Prejean found herself in the middle of more controversy when risqué photos she took when she was younger surfaced. Pageant director Donald Trump called the photos "lovely."

"It wasn't that risky, in our generation that's what we see, from celebrities to everyday people," said Gittings.

Gittings made to the top 15 in the Miss USA pageant and placed 4th in popularity in an online viewer vote.

Gittings said while the pageant was rocked with scandal she learned how important it is to stick to your guns.

"Somebody's going to get upset no matter what your opinion, but if you stand behind [what you] say whole-heartedly and you're confident in your decision, you shouldn't have any excuse," said Gittings.

Gittings has a non-profit organization that helps people with eating disorders. Gittings will head back the University of Georgia in the fall where she is a double major in communications and pre-med.

Gittings is also in ROTC and will be going into the Air Force as an officer. Gittings said she wasn't done with pageants just yet and will likely compete on the Miss America circuit.