18 May 2009

Miss Australia Universe 2009 Rachael Finch Gown Designer

The designer of Myf Warhurst's controversial Logies dress is to create a show-stopping gown for Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch's international final.

Warhurst burnt the Sonia Cappellazzo-designed blue, single-sleeve dress after newspaper readers voted it the "worst" on the red carpet.

But stunning 21-year-old beauty pageant winner Rachael, in Melbourne this week for preliminary discussions for the all-important evening gown, says she has confidence in Cappellazzo.

"It's a real privilege for me to be dressed by Sonia, I love her stuff," she said.

Rachael has had more on her mind lately than dresses.

Her mother, Colleen Zablocki, has been suffering from a serious tumour on her shoulder, which she had removed this week.

"Luckily it came back non-cancerous," Rachael said.

Preparations for the Miss Universe finals in the Bahamas in August have also been intense for the young model. "It's been crazy since winning," she said.

Radio host Myf was so miffed by the furore surrounding her frock she burnt it live on her breakfast show.

But Cappellazzo stands by the dress, saying it was ahead of its time. "I know it was bagged by the public, but if you look at the catwalks, that's what Chanel and Louis Vuitton are doing," she said.