23 April 2009

Former Miss USA Tara Conner Goes into Country Music

Back in December 2006, the name of the still underage Tara Conner was in all the tabloids and newspapers, as she had just become one of the many beauties who are supposedly role models for young girls and who get involved in media scandals. Now, with the underage drinking controversy far behind her, Conner is thinking of relaunching her career as a singer, as she herself announces on MySpace.

Conner’s reputation was subject to much debate, but all that is now behind her, she says in her latest post on her personal page. She has found solace in country music and, what’s more important, the confidence to make her own music. Therefore, she has been working hard on a country material, with plans to release it for the general public as soon as she gets the chance.
“Both of my shows have come to an end so once again i am a has-been….hahaha j/k but i’ve been working for the past 4 months on a country album and it coming together beautifully!!!!! I LUH IT!!! seriously it’s my therapy!!!! my song-writing partner Mark Renk and i have been writing away with some other very esteemable songwriters and we've written about 15 songs so far and we just keep on truckin’……i feel so lucky!” Conner writes (typos included).

“i used to sing all of the time back in the day but never felt confident enough in myself to reach for my ultimate goal!! i used to watch jason, adam, pat, stuart, luke, mikey, chapman…..even mike and star foley and just envied them so much!!! my dad and brother would play bass and drums and all i could ever do was sing…..until gone country i had never been put in the position to write…and when i did i knew thats where i belonged!!!” the former beauty queen further explains.

In the same post, Conner says that she will be traveling to Nashville at the end of the month, with the purpose of taking five completed songs to various labels, in the hope that one will like them and sign her for a contract. On a self imposed “mission from God” to make it in the music industry, Conner says she will succeed, if determination is what it takes. At the same time, she assures fans she will keep them posted on further developments on her latest endeavor, so keep an eye on this space for when she does.

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