08 February 2009

Miss World 1973 Runner Up Evangeline Pascual Competes Again?

Hi folks. I am very happy to be back after more than 2 months of hibernation. For those of you who have been following my blog, I apologize for not informing you prior about my absence in the world of blogging. I have been faced with problems lately and I am still trying to recover. So, I am asking your support by staying with me as I try to bring  you once more one of my most fun things to do -  writing.

That's enough as a segway to what I am going to write today. What is important is you know I have been busy with life and I never had plan of writing 30 here.

Well, I have been browsing the internet when I suddenly remembered the very famous Evangeline Pascual of the Philippines who almost won the 1973 Miss World crown. She ended up as a runner up to Marjorie Wallace of the United States of America.

That pageant was one of the most controversial of all the pageants in Miss World. It has been said that Misses Philippines and USA both garnered a tie scores after the finals and that the tie had to be broken. Miss USA was eventually proclaimed as the winner because of the presence of American judges who broke the tie. Later on, Wallace was fired but the crown was never offered to any of the runners up -  not even to the beautiful Evangeline Pascual.

There is an urban legend that after Wallace was dethroned, the crown was offered to Pascual but she begged off since she was becoming a popular actress back to her country at that time. The so-called refusal irked the Miss World founders and owners Eric and Julia Morley, husband and wife, who vowed to never ever crown any Filipinas in Miss World.

Since Evangeline was robbed of the title she deserved to have, is she back to the pageantry to avenge her loss? 


Wow, that's after 36 years!!! Yes, an Evangeline Pascual clone is about to conquer the elusive Miss World for the Philippines if this lady can conquer first the national pageant - the Binibining Pilipinas or Miss Philippines in English.

I can't help myself but to notice the strong resemblance of Evangeline to this girl who is also a television actress in the Philippines. The girl is Rich Asuncion in her screen name but Richell Angalot in real life. She is using her real name for the pageant.

Rich and Evangeline are like sisters. They both smile in the same way and their chin structures are the same. Both are also smart and intelligent.

Take a look at this video and see it for yourself. I am happy I found a video clip of the news in English.