08 February 2009

Death of Two Beauty Queens - Maria Bujor and Jessica Schillings

Years ago, there were two sweet, young, energetic and ambitious beauty queens who tried to win our hearts when they paraded on national television during their respective pageants. We were in loved with them and most of us were surely smitten by their charisma.

Maria Bujor represented Moldova at the first ever Miss Leisure World in China last year while Jessica Schillings of USA competed in Miss Earth 2003.

Today, both youthful and gorgeous ladies are now wasted beauties. I'm not saying they never made their countries proud but they are now gone. Both ladies were involved in a car accident that took their lives.

Bujor died on 09 January 2009 in a fatal car accident in Romania. She was named Miss Elegance during the Miss Leisure World in 2008 in China.

The accident was happened in Ruginoasa, in the northeastern region of Romania. Police reports stated that the 23 year-old beauty queen was driving on the road covered with snow when the fatal accident happened.

“She has not adapted to speed of the wet road and into a right curve, lost control of the vehicle, a skid and scattered off the roads, meaning at the opposite of walking,” said to the newspaper by spokesperson for the Police.

On the other hand, Jessica, then 19, Miss USA International 2003 and a competitor at Miss Earth, died Nov. 27, 2003, in Palm Springs, California, after a one-vehicle road accident. She lived in nearby Palm Desert and was a former Miss Teen Palm Springs and Miss Teen California International. Her death fell on the day Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, and that holiday brings some of the heaviest travel of the year. Highway fatalities are, unfortunately, numerous.

You may rest in peace two lovely ladies.