02 November 2008

Natalie Glebova's FHM Malaysia

Do you remember this post when I reported Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova of Canada and Miss Thailand Earth 2006 Miss Pailin Rungratanasunthorn would be racing for The Amazing Race Asia 3? Both of these beauty queens represented Thailand. Natalie had the passport to represent the country where she won her title because of her marriage to a Thai tennis player, Paradorn Srichaphan.

The two ladies made it until leg 3 before they finally eliminated in Hue, Vietnam. But their journey was not that easy. They had their bickering moments especially in their final leg. Natalie cried when she learned they were sleeping inside Thailand International Airport.

During the show, Natalie was seen complaining many times. She wanted to quit. Because of this, she was verbally abused by the fans of the show in the the official forum. Poor Natalie. If words can only kill, she would have been died.

I can't blame Natalie if she wanted to quit because from what I gathered, the show really pushed the racers to their limit. 

After the show, both Natalie and Pailin posed for the FHM Malaysia and here are the pictures.