29 October 2008

Miss Earth 2008 Calendar

The 85 contestants for the Miss Earth 2008 pageant were presented to the press yesterday morning (October 28) at Traders Hotel Manila in the city of Pasay in the Philippines while last night the National Costume Competition was held at Pagcor Grand Theater in Paranaque City.

On November 01, 2008, the ladies will compete for the Best in Swimsuit at Fontana Leisure Park and Casino in the city of Los Angeles, Pampanga, a two hour drive to the north outside of Metro Manila.

Talent Competition will be on November 2 at 7pm at Tamayo's in Intramuros, a walled city used as a fortress of the Spaniards during their 333 years occupation in the Philippines.

The grand finals will be on November 9 at 6pm at Clark Ampitheater in Clark, Pampanga. It will be broadcasted as live at 10 pm over ABS-CBN, the local network of the pageant.

The candidates of the Miss Earth 2008 are busy promoting how to take good care of our Mother Nature.

“With the onslaught of global economic showdown, we need to spread the message that adap­ting a simpler lifestyle, one that respects the boundaries of environment exploit, can help ease the effects of the crisis,” says G. Ramon S. Monzon, president of Carousel Productions, Inc. - the creator of the pageant. “All the delegates repre­sent the countries which in one way or ano­ther are affected by said adver­sary."

“In this quandary, we can find an opportunity, and that is to think of new ways on how to use our natural resour­ces wisely. A rich environment is integral to economic progress.”

The host representative is a 22-year old model Tourism student, Karla Henry.