28 October 2008

Image Award in Miss International 2008?

I came across with this news article talking about an online voting intended to select the recipient of the "Image Award" of the ongoing Miss International 2008. The site is mentioned in the article and when I clicked it, it's written in Chinese or Japanese. There is a question that formulated in my mind and that is the credibility of the award and the poll. Is this legit? If this is really a poll run by the pageant then why is this not in their own website?

I tried investigating about this award and the poll but I never had a positive  result. I immediately discounted this as for real but I can't totally just ignore this. The mere fact that this is published by a newspaper online makes this appear to be true.

Well, I just decided to post this here in my blog and if someone of you would like to share their ideas, you're very much welcome.


Vietnamese beauty Cao Thuy Duong, who is among 67 contestants competing at the 2008 Miss International Pageant in Japan, is now leading in an online vote for the pageant’s International Image Award.

According to the website www.geocities.jp/intlbeautypageant/vote.html, as of 3pm yesterday, Duong has 4,288 votes, 41 per cent of the total, while Miss Columbia is in second place with 1,320 votes and Miss Zambia is in third place with 1,167 votes. The voting, now in the semi-final round, runs through November 1. The top 15 finalists, which will be announced on Sunday, will re-enter the competition on equal ground for the final round of voting.

Together with other Miss International contestants, Duong was present at a pageant function held in Kyoto last Saturday

Wearing an innovative ao dai (traditional dress) by designer David Minh Duc, Duong said, "Hello everyone. My name is Cao Thuy Duong. I’m proud to come from Viet Nam — a peaceful country, which also loves peace. I do hope all of you will visit my country to experience the friendliness of the Vietnamese people as well as our natural landscape.

SOURCE: Viet Nam News