06 February 2010

Miss Universe 2010 contestants arrive in Venezuela

Miss Universe 2010 will come in your television either in May as it is done traditionally or in September if the rumor is true. But as early as now, 3 delegates who will be competing with each other from 3 Latin American countries have convened in one event in Venezuela. This gathering paved way a chance for the beauty pageant fans around the world to compare the delegates from Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Miss Universe 2009 1st runner-up, Ada Aimee de la Cruz, joined these 3 ladies.

Venezuela will be represented by Marelisa Gibson while Ximena Navarette and Mariana Vicente will be Mexico's and Puerto Rico's representatives respectively.

Now that these 3 ladies are standing side-by-side with each other, we are now opened for more points of comparison. Who do you think is the most beautiful of them all?

I pick Marelisa Gibson and Ximena Navarette of Venezuela and Mexico. I personally believe they are more queenly and poised in these pictures. Facially, these two ladies are also better than Miss Puerto Rico and even Ada of Dominican Republic.

Talking about Ada, why is she wearing her Miss Dominican Republic World crown when she is with Miss Universe contestants? I am referring at the first picture. Have you noticed that?