22 December 2009

Venezuela is losing its Miss World Charisma

With 17 titles - 6 Miss Universe, 5 Miss World, 5 Miss International and 1 Miss Earth - without a doubt, Venezuela is the the leading powerhouse in beauty pageants!

This decade was very fruitful for this South American nation.

In Miss Universe, they only missed the semifinals twice - 2004 and 2006. But these exclusions were rewarded by back to back titles in 2008 and 2009. Aside from that, all remaining placements of Venezuela were in the Top 5.

Venezuela had some struggles in the first years of Miss Earth. In 2005, Alexandra Braun became the first Venezuelan to enter the semifinals and eventually won. Since then, Venezuela has placed every year.

Miss International proved to be the best pageant for Venezuela this decade - winning 3 titles, 1 first runner up and 4 semifinalists - are proofs that Venezuela occupies the number one spot for the Tokyo-based pageant.

Miss World - this decade they had 5 placements - and the highest was in 2002 - Goizeder Azua's Top 10 finish! Compared to their performance in the 90's, it was really poor. Two winners (1991 and 1995), one 1st runner up (1999), three 2nd runners up (1990, 1992, 1994) and two 4th runners up (1993 and 1996). They only missed the Top 10 in 1997 and 1998 - and the reason was because Venezuela didn't send their national winners to Miss World. This decade, Venezuela did not even make it to the final cut.

What could have been the reasons?

Vanessa Cardenas, Andriena Prieto and Goizeder Azua were not crowned in Miss Venezuela finals instead, Osmel staged a small pageant for Miss World Venezuela 2000 - 2002. Among the three, Goizeder was the most refreshing beauty - something that Miss World is looking for.

In 2003, Miss World Venezuela was back in the top prizes - Valentina Patruno won and became a semifinalist in Miss World 2003.

Andrea Milroy and Susan Carrizo failed in 2004 and 2005. Their beauties aren't really suited for MW.

The Miss World Organization announced that Miss World 2006 would be held in Poland on September 30, three months ahead of schedule. The Miss Venezuela Org. decided to return to the "emergency" system used in 2000-01 and hold a special pageant, Miss World Venezuela 2006. Federica Guzman was the undisputed favourite for the national title, causing the usual controversy, but her performance at Miss World broke the failure streak of her country to classify into the semifinals since the participation of Valentina Patruno in 2003.

Claudia Suarez and Hannelly Quintero continued the streak. But Milagors Veliz broke it again!

Why? Claudia and Hannelly were young and beautiful, Milagros was a bad choice - she was a complete opposite of the two.

The main reason why Venezuela is losing its force in Miss World is because MVO gives a higher importance to Miss Universe than Miss World. And most of the times, their MU delegates were better than their MW representatives. But Julia was kinda fair not to exclude beautiful ladies like Valentina, Federica, Claudia and Hannelly.

Julia doesn't want to be second.

Expect this, if Miss Vnezuela Organization will not do something with it, don't expect the 6th Venezuelan Miss World to be crowned.

Julia is not Eric Morley. Now that the rivalry between Trump and Morley is getting more intense, Venezuela will never advance in the final 5 of Miss World.

For Miss Venezuela Organization - simply send a woman who is beautiful, sweet, young - not a drag queen nor a too polished woman that is more of a Miss Universe material.

Text from Miss Cosmopolitan.