15 December 2009

Miss World's Mother says "I can't believe it. What have you done to us?"

"I can't believe it. What have you done to us? Our lives have changed."

These are the words coming from the mother of the new Miss World, Kaiana Aldorino of Gibraltar.

Ksenia Sukhinova, Miss World 2008 from Russia, reported this in her twitter account last December 12th. The second Russian beauty queen to capture the Miss World crown also added that Kaiana witnessed for the first time how his father cried.

But wait. These reactions from Kaiana's parents are not related to the allleged nude photos of Miss World 2009. Read that again. I said ALLEGED and not confirmed naked pictures of Kaiana. I have posted in this article the said pictures in contention and it generated lots of private messages addressed to me. Most of these letters are accusing me that I was telling my readers that the nude pictures are that of Kaiana. For the record, I am not guilty. I only asked everyone to judge it for themselves. Personally, after studying these photos, I have concluded that Kaiana was not the girl on those said photos but I can't deny there is a strong resemblance.

Moving on to my topic, the parents of Kaiana are very proud of her victory. According to Ksenia, "there were also reports that fireworks were set off across Gibraltar in celebration of the new Miss World."

Since 1959, Gibraltar, an island off the coast of Spain with around 30 thousand people, has been sending representatives to the pageant. Kaiana's victory marked their first entry to the finals of the pageant after 41 years and also their first major victory in a grandslam pageant. Gibraltar is a British territory but was a former Spanish land.

Right after her coronation, Kaiana's phone hasn't stopped ringing in the dressing room with messages of congratulations. "I only just remembered I am going to the World Cup Final! As if winning Miss World wasn't enough," Kaiana said.

All the infos here are taken from Ksenia Sukhinova's twitter. Thank you, Ksenia.