17 December 2009

Kurara Chibana, now a reporter

What's up with Kurara Chibana, the Japanese sweetheart who captured our hearts during the 2006 Miss Universe?

We have learned from a report in the Philippines that after becoming a runner up of Puerto Rico's Zuleyka Rivera at the 2006 Miss Universe pageant in Los Angeles, USA, Kurara shifted her career to television industry. She is now a reporter of a certain Japanese program. Aside from that, the beauty is also active as a volunteer with United Nations - World Food Programme.

Kurara went to the Philippines for the first time to witness the effect of the recent flood, Ondoy, which devastated the whole country. Her purpose is to raise awareness about the victims of the flood who after 3 months are not yet fully recovered. She hopes to urge her countrymen to offer help to the victims.

“There's something that I can do. And there’s something that we can do even though we live in Japan,” she said.