17 December 2009

Best contestants for Mister International 2009

After the big four grandslam pageants for women, Misses Universe, Earth, International and World, comes the parade of male pageants. On December 19, the 4th Mister International will be decided in Taichung, Taiwan. There are 33 confirmed hunks from all over the world who are participating in this event. The outgoing winner is from Vietnam, Ngo Tien Doan, who won the title last year also in Taiwan.

There are limited press coverage and pictures of the contestants available for fans. I have not seen all the delegates. So far, five hunks have already caught my attention and one of them might win Mister International 2009. In random order, here they are:

Belgium - 21-year old Thomas Ladangh is a look-a-like of Hollywood matinee idol and High School Musical leading man, Zac Efron. I am not a big fan of white guys but among all the European contestants including the guy from the US, Thomas is a stand-out. His boy-next-door image is undeniably appealing. His greatest asset are his eyes.

France - Maxime Thomasset is not a newbie in male pageants. He was a semi-finalist at Mister Universe Model 2009. He is my second best choice among the white guys because he seems a man to me. In contrast with the "feminine" looks of Mister Belgium, Maxime exudes a manly aura.

Indonesia - Holly Feriston, 21, has sharp eyes that can easily melt the hearts of the judges. Like Mister Belgium, his best asset are his eyes though Holly is an inch better because the model from Malang, Indonesia has a better and toned body. His waterloo is his height. He looks short.

Philippines - 23-year old Michael Manansala shines from this year's batch because of his attitude - he has a jolly personality. He emits positive aura. Michael also knows how to project on camera. At the costume presentation, I have observed that he is the only guy who put a little drama on his presentation. Besides, you can easily notice him in the crowd because of his bald head.

Vietnam - Le Xuan Vinh Thuy is only a cute guy but has the best body in the competition. It will not be surprising if he gives his country a back-to-back win in this pageant. What I don't like about this hunk is his hair. It distracts someone from appreciating his almost-perfect features. He should trim it down. Vinh Thuy has the best eyes though.