25 November 2009

Russia's Victoria Radochinskaya wins Mrs World 2009; 2 bets from Vietnam shocked fans

I have finally watched the coronation night of the Miss Earth 2009 pageant in Boracay, a famous island and beach resort in the province of Aklan, south of Manila in the Philippines. I have a lot of things to say but I gonna reserve it for my next blog entry. Instead, I will talk about the results of the just-concluded Mrs. World 2009 that took place in Vietnam.

Mrs Russia Victoria Radochinskaya amazingly captured the title of Mrs World 2009 in Vung Tau, Vietnam on the same day Miss Earth 2009 crowned its winner. She was crowned by Ukraine's Natalya Shmarenkova, the winner in 2008. This is the second time a Russian representative was favored to win the title after Sofia Arzhakovskaya clinched the top honor in 2006 in a very controversial pageant in her home country, in St. Petersburg in particular.

Victoria is a 31-year old mother of one. She has been married for 8 years. She recieved a crown of white golds that was decorated with 63 rubies. The crown is valued at $100,000.

Mrs USA Andrea Robertson was first runner-up and Mrs Vietnam Hoang Thi Yen was the second runner-up.

Most fans are not convinced about Mrs USA and Mrs Vietnam. As they claim, it's not surprising to see the two married beauty queens having awards simply because of two factors: first - the pageant is owned or based in the US; second - the pageant was held in Vietnam.

It is also very odd to see two Vietnamese representatives in the pageant. It is something very questionable. Pageant fans are actually shocked upon learning this. But Joyce Ann Burton, Miss Philippines Universe 1985, has an answer.

In Joyce's blog (www.adventuresofabeautyqueen.wordpress.com), she noted that when she asked the National Director of Mrs World (probably for Philippines), Mr. Ovette explained that one of them represented Vung Tau, the city where the pageant was held, and one of them is representative of Vietnam as a country.

Why would a pageant of international calibre would allow this?

Mrs India, Mrs Brazil and Mrs Poland made the Top 6. On the other, Top 12 includes representatives from the Philippines, Malaysia, Costa Rica, South Africa, England and Cote d'lvoire.

The Best in National Costume was awarded to Mrs Hong Kong.

75 married ladies from all over the world competed for the title.

Mrs World 2010 will be held in Korea.