11 August 2009

The best Miss Universe 2009 candidates during the swimwear and national costume events

Michelle Malcolm, a broadcast journalist in Bahamas, is joining the 84 candidates competing at Miss Universe 2008 in their daily activities. She is posting her regular updates about the pageant and her comments on the girls at Critical Beauty.

Michele attended the the swimsuit presentation last Sunday and the national costume parade last Monday. She made a lists of the ladies who impressed her both for the swimsuit and the national costume.

I am posting here her list for you to read.

Below are the ladies who caught her eyes during the swimwear presentation in alphabetical order:

Angola – great body, strong catwalk
Australia – fabulous body, beautiful face, good catwalk
Bahamas – the home town girl received a thunderous round of applause for her strong catwalk skills
Brazil – pretty face, great body
Canada – fabulous body! Not an ounce of fat anywhere!
Cayman Islands – great body, strong catwalk
Colombia – great body, sexy catwalk
Czech Republic – very good body, and oh that face!
Dominican Republic – very great body, excellent catwalk
France – good body, very outgoing and sexy on the runway
Great Britain – Loads of personality, good body
Honduras – fabulous body, fabulous catwalk, beautiful face
Hungary – beautiful face, great body, but needs work on the catwalk
Iceland – very good body, great catwalk Jamaica – beautiful face, nice body
Japan – great body, strong catwalk
Mexico – good body, lots of personality, good catwalk
Netherlands – very good body!
Nicaragua – great body, fun to watch on stage
Norway – fabulous body!
Puerto Rico – fabulous body, great catwalk skills
Russia – great body, amazing face, very sexy catwalk
Slovak Republic – good body, very good catwalk
South Africa – great body, legs for days!
Spain – very good body
Sweden – fabulous body, pretty face, catwalk skills could be stronger
USA – fabulous body, arguably the best in swimsuit at this competition!
Venezuela – great body, classic beauty

And below are the ladies who impressed her during the national costume parade in alphabetical order:

Angola, who wore a traditional dress showing scenes of everyday life in Angola
Bahamas, whose costume depicted the sun that covers The Bahamas
Bolivia, inspired by a dance of her country
China, a dramatic warrior
Colombia, a colorful traditional dress
Czech Republic, a gown with a butterfly motif
Ecuador, representing a bountiful harvest
El Salvador
Nicaragua, which represented the fury of a volcano
Panama, representing Diablo in pheasant feathers, glass and crystals
Philippines, a colorful twist to the traditional Filipiniana
Thailand, a combination of the Thai Hill Tribe and traditional costume
Venezuela, an exquisite costume which reminded me of the film My Fair Lady

She added that there judges presented at the national costume event. They will be the one to pick up the winner of the Best in National Costume. The judges include President of the Senate of Bahamas, Lynn Holowesko; the CEO of Mailboxes Etc. in the Bahamas and the Caribbean, Mr. Gershin Major; Founder of the Bahamas International Film Festival, Leslie Vanderpool; artist John Edward Cox; Junkanooer Kishlane O’brien; entrepreneur Elaine Pinder; and retail executive Rochelle Walker of Solomon’s Mines.

Michelle also added that the candidates who have the biggest fans or supporters in every event are Miss Bahamas Kiara Sherman (of course), Miss Philippines Pamela Bianca Manalo, Miss China Jing Yao Wang and Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez.