30 March 2009

Miss World for South Africa again

Miss Botswana assistant director says they are delighted that the world beauty pageant will be staged in Durban, South Africa this year.

Ms Neo Selwe says even though the exact date has not been announced, they intend to take advantage of the host country's proximity to gain experience directly from the organisers.

Ms Selwe said although the pageant was held in the same country last year, they did not gain experience as the venue was announced late as the organisers relocated from Russia at the 11th hour due to political instability in the region. The assistant director said due to the poor preparations, they reached the venue late giving them limited time to interact with the international organising body.

Ms Selwe said this year they intend to benchmark from the mother body to further enhance the organisation and image of the local pageant.

She said they were still lacking some information on the development of the queens and the choreography of the final event among other things. The assistant director said they hope that after gaining some experience from the world spectacle they will able to put up an event that would surpass anything that happened in the past.

Miss Botswana has been marred by controversy with the local girls complaining that they were neglected. Last year's participation was no exception in terms of negative publicity for the event. In 2008, a task force was appointed to identify the problems and come up with strategies to revive the pageant. The task force has not yet started its work due to shortage of funds. It expects to receive the funds this coming financial year after which it would tour the countryside to solicit the views on this thorny subject.

Their recommendations will determine whether the administration of the pageant should remain with the current license holders, or an independent body should run it.

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