20 July 2008

Top 15 BAD Things About Miss Universe 2008

1. It registered the lowest rating of the pageant since its birth. Miss Universe is dying except in Latin America and the Caribbean, home of millions of rabid fans.

2. It's getting boring every year with the same countries making to the semi-finals. There are no more surprises. The market is only concentrated to Latin America which is not helping the pageant regain its popularity.

3. It makes people who are less fortunate frustrated upon seeing the beautiful ladies.

4. Thailand unmasking herself as haven of silent but fierce rabid fans who voted their representative day and night to win the Best in National Costume this year. Watch out India, Puerto Rico, USA, Mexico and the Philippines.

5. MUO exploiting the money of poor Vietnam for asking them high franchise fee for hosting the pageant. A waste of money that was never capitalized.

6. MUO exploiting the money of the represented countries for asking them high franchise fees. It's a waste of money for Malaysia, Guam, Uruguay, Guatemala, Honduras, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Malta, etcetera.

7. The standard of candidates is getting poorer and poorer every year. Where is now the prestige?

8. Making a billionaire like Donald Trump richer and richer with the expense of the small and poor countries that yearly send delegates to the pageant.

9. Hiring a NOBODY , a STARLET like Eesha Kopphikar as a judge for the pageant. Why not ask Ellie Saab or Monique Lhuillier and other famous designers?

10. Obviously trying hard to include Miss USA year after year to pick up ratings in the US of A.

11. Letting business and politics get along the way which is causing the pageant loss its true meaning or essence of a beauty contest.

12. It's provides uneducated lunatic fans an avenue to bash and throw racist comments towards another country. This is pathetic. These bashers should be incarcerated.

13. The annoying Jerry Springer's voice when he was calling the names of the countries as finalists or semi-finalists.

14. The show had a poor dance choreography during the opening number.

15. The victory of Venezuela and Colombia and the failure of Tanzania and Albania to advance.