17 July 2008

My Prediction for the Top 15 is Almost Perfect

I have been a pageant observer since the early 1990's and every year, I never failed to make my list of my predictions. Thanks God, I never predicted below half of the actual Semi-finalists. I always guess more than half. Well, probably because I have an eye for what is beautiful in a pageant.

This year, I listed my predictions in an earlier blog entry here and when I checked it, I predicted 11 out of 15.

I compared my predictions to other websites, blogs and betting sites and mine has the highest percentage of correct predictions.

Wow, this is kinda an achievement for me since I topped it. Though this is not a contest, I am somehow happy because this is a vindication of myself being a certified fan of beauty pageants.

I based my predictions on the swimsuit and evening gown competitions at the preliminary. These are all available on the Miss Universe site. I also check their interviews and studied possible poiltical aspects affecting the pageant and the delegate sending countries. The job is not easy but knowing all these will give you an edge.

You can check my predictions in this earlier entry here.

I correctly predicted USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Spain, South Africa and Czech Republic. I missed Hungary, Italy, Kosovo and Russia. Instead, I predicted India, Thailand, Philippines and Korea.

Surprisingly, all those who did not make my prediction are from Asia and those I missed are all from Europe or Eurasia.

Well, I beat bookmaker.com, caribet.com, Chilean Charm, Pageant Almanac, Beauty School, Missosology and Critical Beauty.


1. Beauty in Pageants (this is me) - 11/15
2. Bookmaker.com - 9/14
3. Pageant Almanac - 9/15
4. Caribet.com - 8/14
5. Missosology - 8/15
6. Chilean Charm - 7/15
7. Critical Beauty - 6/15
8. Beauty School - 4/15