12 July 2008

Top 15 Predictions for Miss U 2008

Comes 14 July 2008 (Vietnam timezone) or evening of 13 July 2008, we'll be witnessing the crowning of a new Miss Universe titleholder. That is barely a day from now.

I'm pretty sure that most of you now have a list of your favorites and we'll about to know if we have an eye for beauty.

Below is the list of my predictions who will make to the Top 15 -  in no particular order:

1. USA
2. Venezeula
3. Colombia
4. Mexico
5. Dominican Republic
6. Japan
7. Philippines
8. Korea
9. India
10. Thailand
11. Vietnam
12. Australia
13. Spain
14. South Africa
15. Czeck Republic

The darkhorses are Kazahztan, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Belgium and Indonesia.

I predict that the winner is from Asia again and the nearest to the crown is Miss Philippines, Jennifer Barrientos.

On the other hand, the Best in National Costume is chosen by an internet voting so you still have a day to vote for your bet. You can log in to missuniverse.com or to nbc.com to cast your vote.

My fearless forecast to win the Best in National Costume is Miss Philippines or Miss Puerto Rico, Ingrid Mendoza.

We'll see if I gonna hit the pot.