13 July 2008

A Tiring Miss Universe 2008 Rehearsal

For 4 days now starting last 09 July, the candidates for the Miss Universe 2008 have been practicing or rehearsing their cues for the final telecast on 14 June 2008 at 8 am, Vietnam timezone.

Most of them are so tired as reported by mostly all journalists who are in Vietnam for the coverage. Most of the girls miss their family and boyfriends back home and they are lossing their interest for the crown. These girls are mostly from Europe.

Take a look at their pictures taken during unholy hours while they were practicing. (Picture was corrupted when the ownership of this blog was transferred to me. -Karl Zada 04 May 2009)

During the mock Top 15, these were the countries that were called: Spain, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Curacao, New Zealand, Turkey, Honduras, Vietnam, Georgia, Kazakhstan, France, Bolivia, Japan, Nicaragua and Belgium.

So how many of these girls will be likely in the actual Top 15? We'll find out tomorrow.