13 July 2008

Issues on the Sash and the Wardrobe

Every year, we can't get rid of some controversies in the Miss Universe. This year, it has another share of controversies involving spelling of the sashes and wardrobe issues.

As vindicated by pictures at the right side, the sash of Miss Philippines, Jennifer Barrientos, was misspelled with double L's. The sash was only corrected after a week. *****

Miss Kosovo, Zana Krasniqi, took her two weeks before the organizer finally corrected her sash that was initially spelled as KOSOVA.

Instead of United Kingdom, the sash of Liza Lazarus was spelled only with UK and was never corrected.

This is not the first time a sash was mispelled. In 2006, the sash of Miss Sri Lanka, Jacqueline Fernandez, was just spelled as Srilanka.

Well, it is really proper to have a sash with the correct spelling of the country a candidate is representing since we are talking about national identity here. They say, though it's now cliche', the most priceless possession one has is its name.

On the other hand, Miss Puerto Rico Ingrid Rivera and Miss Philippines wore exactly the same outfit when all the contestants went to Hanoi, to the beautiful Halong Bay.

You can see from the pictures at your left the similar outfit they wore.*****

The question is: Who wore it better? Puerto Rico or Philippines.

Interestingly, both countries have a history of having massive beauty fans. Both are always engage in war of words in almost all discussion boards every year.

When voting is involve in the pageant, these two countries always battle it out to emerge as the winner.

This thing happened many times when Miss Photogenic was being selected by internet voting and the Philippines and Puerto Rico alternately won it.

Philippines won it from 1996 - 1997 and again in 2005 - 2007. Puerto Rico had it consecutively from 1998 until 2004 except in 2000.

*****All pictures were corrupted when the ownership of this blog was transferred to me. - Karl Zada 04 May 2009