20 July 2008

Top 10 GOOD Things about Miss Universe 2008

1. Miss Puerto Rico's exclusion in the semi-finals. Her scandals including pepper spraying, cosmetics enhancement and bashing from her rabid fans are not good example of a good model in the universe.

2. The stage is fantastic especially during the swimsuit segment. I love the falls at the background. It brings good fortune. Hopefully, for Miss Universe and Vietnam.

3. Mis USA's rise after the fall. What is important is how you stand up everytime you stumble.

4. Miss Colombia's eye-popping gown. It is also an eye opener for the Philippines that their designer, Alfredo Barraza, will always put the interest of his country ahead of a foreign country like the Philippines in this case.

5. Witnessing the admirable fighting spirit and positive attitude of the "unnoticeable" ladies from countries like Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kazahstan, Egypt, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, the Philippines, etcetera despite the seemingly unending bashings and namecallings of lunatic uneducated fans all over the world.

6. The pageant shows Vietnam as a country rich of beautiful sceneries and traditions in a fifteen-minute of fame.

7. MUO's effort of continuing a tradition loved by so many people including myself despite setbacks it is experiencing nowadays.

8. The pageant brings few occasions where we see Israel, Lebanon and Egypt enjoying all together without tensions.

9. It provides an avenue for less fortunate women who can't afford surgeries in some countries like Puerto Rico, Venezuela, India and Mexico to have free cosmetics enhancement before going to the pageant.

10. It gives women a platform for a better showbiz or modelling career. Right, Lara Dutta.