22 July 2008

Spot the Difference

Can you spot the difference?

She's no other than our latest winner of the Miss Universe from the beauty factory of Venezuela. Her name is Dayana (not Dayanara) Mendoza.

It is a common knowledge that most delegates especially from Latin America, the Caribbean and India undergo surgeries and other forms of cosmetics enhancement before fielding their delegates to any beauty pageant. Yes, these countries send the most unnatural ladies to any pageants.

It's very evident from our pictures that Dayana underwnet a breast enhancement. Her left photo is showing her breast is just a punch-size.

This is a hot issue in the beauty pageant arena about women undergoing the knife to enhance their chances of winning the crown.

The issue is not only about a question of ethics but also of fair playing. Others say this is one kind of cheating in beauty pageants.

Now my question is when this trend gonna stop? I miss the old Miss Universe where delegates compete in their natural beauty.